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End of Summer Sale
$29.00 for 60 min. massage (+tax & gratuity)
Ends November 14, 2022

EOS Sale.jpg
EOS Sale.jpg
Medical Massage

The therapeutic practice of manipulating the muscles and limbs to ease tension and reduce pain from disorders of the muscles and nervous system, and to reduce stress.

Therapeutic Massage

Our Swedish or Therapeutic Massage is intended to increase oxygen in the blood and remove toxins from muscles, 

Reflexology Massage

An ancient medical art of  relieving  pain by stimulating  predefined  pressure points on the feet and  hands. This controlled  pressure  alleviates the source of the  discomfort. In the absence of any  particular malady or abnormality,

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Taking care of your health and wellness goals

Forms of Payment Accepted
Professional, Clean and Relaxing Environment
Medically Trained and Qualified Therapist

All major credit cards are accepted, Healthcare Savings Programs and Cash (change cannot be provided) as a form of payment..  Medical insurance is currently not accepted.

You will find that you are provided with a treatment area that is welcoming, relaxing and follows medical protocol for cleanliness.  You deserve nothing but the most professional environment for your needs.

You can ensure that you are being treated with a therapist that has training in the medical field as well as, specialized training in massage therapy and over 25 years experience working in medical and bedside patient care.

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